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Think Green Media is a green marketing company that provides Internet marketing and web site design services to eco-minded companies with green or sustainable initiatives.

Going Green is mainstream ... and profitable.

Many companies have figured out by now that green living is here to stay and not only that, it's profitable. But how does a company who hasn't been green this whole time start being green today?

Companies struggle with how to incorporate their sustainable business practices with their current marketing everyday. We can help you work through this common issue and help answer questions that will come up as you develop your green business strategy and green marketing intiatives.

Green marketing with Internet marketing solutions.

Companies are shifting their marketing spend from offline to online. Why? Because that's where people go to get their news, their entertainment, go shopping and more.

We have been marketing on the internet and building web sites since 2003 using proven methodogies that get results.

Whether you are looking to get found online for the products or services you sell or you are looking to leverage social media we can help.

Find more about the green marketing services we offer.